Two Simple Knots

for Fishing with Kids


You are going to have some knots that you would really rather not have.  The picture on the left shows what is called in the profession, a "bird's nest."  You should make every attempt to avoid them. Bird's nests aside, however, learning the two simple knots on this page will be all you need for fishing with kids.

Improved Clinch Knot

Use this knot for tying line to hooks, swivels, or lures

  Pass the line through eye of a hook or swivel and twist 5 times.

clinch2  Run the tag end through the first loop and back through the big loop.

clinch3  Moisten the line and hold the tag end while pulling the knot tight.

Surgeon's Knot

Use this knot to tie line to leader when you do not want to use a swivel.  I prefer not using a swivel when fishing with kids.  Keep it simple.

surgeon1          Lay line and leader parallel overlapping 6 to 8 inches

Treating the two like a single line, tie an overhand knot, pulling the entire leader through the loop.



Leaving the loop of the overhand open, pull both tag end of line and leader through again.



Hold both lines and both ends to pull knot tight. Clip ends close to avoid foul-up in rod guides.

These knots and more can be found on the Central Florida East Coast Fishing website.  Be sure to visit my links page and give Gary a visit.  The site is full of fishing information, fishing reports, articles, tips, and more.